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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume

Category:Term of the second edition of the multilingual demographic Dictionary

Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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This is the index of the terms, words or expressions which have to be found in any other language (if an equivalent does exist) within the same edition of the Multilingual Demographic Dictionary.

Here it concerns the second edition edited in English in 1982. See the preface for more details.

Any term of the list, Demography1 for example, was printed in bold face in the main text (we call them TextTerm) of a paragraph and not within a note of a paragraph. Terms or expressions belonging to a note and printed in bold face are not supposed to be translated in other languages and are not listed here.

Each term (101-1 for Demography) is defined whithin a numbered paragraph (101) and corresponds to a note number (-1) within that paragraph. The first two digits correspond to a page (10). A page contains from 5 to 9 paragraphs and corresponds to the same but broader concept than the paragraph. The first digit (1) corresponds to the chapter number (9 chapters).

To a pair paragraph-note corresponds usually one more terms in any other language of the same edition. But for some languages there is no equivalent.