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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume

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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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Harmonization Part B

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After pasting my translation from Word, how can I enrich the text and my comments?

In this video, you can learn (sound is not good, sorry) how you can beautify your pasted text (bold) and prepare it to be published into the page itself. This is an important step and you need to agree with the Creative Common Share Alike license. 4 - Enriching a flat pasted Word text and publishing it (9'37")

Publishing my proposition for the harmonization of the Multilingual Demographic Dictionary and enriching the Population Open Encyclopedia

Publishing on the Page not the Talk page under the CCSA license

5a Publishing on the Page not the Talk page under the CCSA license (4'7" 858x814)

  • Changing the status of a 'missing' term to 'translated' for double checking.

Adding a new term to the Population Open Encyclopedia

Adding references

Syntax highlighting and other Preferences

Some of the facilities presented in the previous lessons like citation expander or reftools require that you set them in your Preferences menu. The video explains how to do it and some other facilities like syntax highlighting with a gadget named wikEd.

The video explains also how to use a modified (adapted to Demopaedia needs) version of reftools which contains a TextTerm icon. When you click on this icon, you can navigate in the text area of a page and feed the various entries which are necessary for producing a printed index. The video doesn't explain the navigation in detail but roughly explain its use.

For the Population Open Encyclopedia, the Preferences settings are the same but you can add the "citation expander" gadget in order to create automatically a complete reference from sparse information like the document object identifier (wikipedia:doi) or the Jstor id or PMID. You can also enter an Endnote syntax and citation expander will analyze its content and transform it into a Wikipedia bibliography syntax. 5d Syntax highlighting and other preferences (9'45" 856x814)