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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume


Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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Respondent  (RESPONDENT)

Persons who answer questions in a census (202-1) or a survey (203-4) are called respondents 1 or informants 1. Persons who collect (130-4) the information are called interviewers 2, field workers 2 or enumerators 2, the last term being usually reserved for persons collecting information in a census. Enumerators usually work under the control of supervisors 3 or inspectors 3. General censuses (202-2) are usually taken by the statistical departments 4 of individual countries.

  • 1. The term interviewee is sometimes used.
  • 4. In the United States of America the office responsible for the census is called the Bureau of the Census; in England and Wales it is the General Register Office, in Scotland the General Registry Office; both are headed by a Registrar General.