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Coitus interruptus

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Coitus interruptus  (COITUS interruptus)

A distinction is frequently drawn between appliance methods 1 of contraception and non-appliance methods 2. One principal non-appliance method of contraception is coitus interruptus 3 or withdrawal 3. Another non-appliance method of contraception is periodic abstinence 4 or the rhythm method 4, in which coitus is avoided during the period when the woman is believed to be fecund and takes place only during the so-called safe period 5 of the menstrual cycle. The basal body temperature method 6 refers to the method in which the woman keeps track of her temperature to identify the safe period.

  • 1. Appliance methods include not only barrier methods which are used to prevent the union of the sperm and ovum, but also methods using other contraceptive devices such as the intra-uterine device (629-10) and other types of contraceptives such as the pill (630-4).
  • 4. The term natural family planning methods has been applied collectively to cover the rhythm method, the basal body temperature method, and other techniques which attempt to identify stages of the woman’s ovulatory cycle.


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