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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume

Labor permit

Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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Labor permit  (LABOR permit)

Migration statistics 1 are compiled to reveal the volume of migration, the direction of migratory movement and the characteristics of migrants. The accuracy with which each of these kinds of facts is ascertained depends upon the method of compilation, as most migration statistics consists of approximations and estimates rather than precise measurements. Direct measurement of migration 2 requires a system of recording movements as they occur. The most complete migration statistics are developed from population registers in which all changes of residence are recorded. They allow measurement of internal and of international migration, but are more satisfactory for the former than for the latter. In countries where these population registers do not exist, a certain number of administrative record systems which do not cover the entire population can be used for particular purposes. Thus, voter registration records 3, social security records 4 tax-payers records 5 or dwelling records 6 may yield information on internal migration. In the case of overseas migration, statistics may be based on passenger lists 7 or manifests 7 of ships and aircraft. Counts of persons crossing a political frontier yield only very crude data; most of all in areas with much frontier traffic (803-2*) special steps must be taken to distinguish migrants from travellers 8, who do not change their place of residence, and persons in transit 801-11). The number of visas 9 or entry permits 9 granted and the number of residence permits 10 or labor permits 11 issued may also be used as an indication of the migration of foreign nationals.

  • 8. Traveller, n. - travel, v. - travel, n.: the process of travelling.
  • 9. In certain countries residents who wish to travel abroad are required to obtain exit permits or exit visas, records of which may serve as a source of information on migratory movements.