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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume

Employed population

Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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Employed population  (EMPLOYED population)

Workers 1 who make up the working population can be classified as employed 2 or unemployed 3. Under the labor force concept (350-1 *), only persons who were actively seeking work 4 or are on temporary layoff during the specified period are usually counted as unemployed. It is important to distinguish between persons who have never had a job and persons who are looking for their first job 11★ or first-time job seekers 11★. The employed population 5 consists of all those currently working for pay or profit. Among the economically active, a substantial portion of workers may be compelled by the economic conditions of the country or of the time, to perform less work than they would normally be able and willing to perform; in this instance, the terms underemployment 6 or partial employment 6 are used. Marginal workers 7 who only very occasionally participate in economic activity, are most often classified as not in the labor force under the gainful worker concept (350-1 *). The employment to population ratio 8★ is the proportion of employed persons in the working age group (usually 15 to 64). Inactive persons 9★ are those who do not accomplish any kind of professional activity neither are looking for any employment. Hidden unemployment 10★ or labor reserve 10★ includes people who, although not officially registered as unemployed, are looking for a private work as well as those who do not exercise nor are looking for a job but if some job opportunities arose to them, could respond.

  • 2. Employed, n. and adj. - employment, n.: situation of an individual exercising an economic activity. Employment status refers to the classification as either employed or unemployed.
  • 3. Unemployed, n. and adj. - unemployment, n.
  • 6. One refers occasionally to underutilization of the labor force. Under-employment and underutilization also sometimes refer to the situation of persons who perform below their level of qualification.