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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume

Pre-natal allowance

Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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Pre-natal allowance  (PRE-NATAL allowance)

In many countries allowances 1, benefits 1 or grants 2 are given to the parents of children. In general an allowance is a sum of money which is paid periodically, whereas a grant is paid on a single occasion only. Family allowance 3 or children’s allowance 3 denotes a sum of money paid regularly to parents with a specified number of children. In many fiscal systems, tax rebates 4 are granted in respect of dependent children. Other monetary benefits paid in some countries include maternity grants 5 or birth grants 5 which are paid upon the birth of a child, pre-natal allowances 6 paid to expectant mothers during pregnancy, and on occasion marriage loans 7 granted to newly-married couples in order to assist them in setting up a household. More...