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Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English volume

Abortion by vacuum aspiration

Multilingual Demographic Dictionary, second unified edition, English vol.
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Abortion by vacuum aspiration  (ABORTION by vacuum aspiration)

Abortions following a non-induced infra-uterine death, which may have occurred some time before expulsion, are called spontaneous abortions 1 or miscarriages 1, in contrast to intentional abortions 2, or induced abortions 2. A therapeutic abortion 3 is one undertaken for medical reasons. The laws of certain countries permit abortions for health or other reasons; these are legal abortions 4. Abortions which are induced contrary to law are called illegal abortions 5 or criminal abortions 5. According to the technique used, there are abortions by curettage 6, abortions by vacuum aspiration 7, abortions by dilatation and evacuation 7, hysterotomies 8 (involving surgical cutting into the uterus), and abortions by medical induction procedures 9.

  • 6. Also called abortions by dilatation and curettage, (abbreviated to D and C).
  • 7. Also called abortions by suction. When the procedure is used very soon after a presumed conception, the terms menstrual regulation or menstrual extraction are used.
  • 9. Such procedures involve amniotic fluid exchange as in the instance of an abortion by saline injection, or the use of prostaglandins.