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Population statistics

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Population statistics  (POPULATION statistics)

The terms population statistics 1 or demographic statistics 1 refer to numerical data 2 about populations, which are based on observations 3 . After such observations have been collected 4 on appropriate forms (206-1), the documents are edited 5 and verified 5 to eliminate obvious inconsistencies. The data are tabulated 6 into certain groups 7 or classes 8 with common characteristics. Data processing 9 includes all the steps between collecting and statistical analysis 10★ (132-1).

  • 1. Statistics, n. - statistical, adj. - statistician, n.: specialist in statistics.
  • 4. Collect, v. - collection, n.
  • 5. Edit, v. - editing, n. Verify, v. - verification, n.
  • 6. Tabulate, v. - tabulation, n.
  • 9. Process, v. - processing, n.